So, why is a drone flying
over the power line?

If you see a drone flying near a power line, relax. It’s probably a Cooperative Energy drone. Like other utility companies, we use drones in many ways to help deliver affordable, reliable power to homes and businesses in our communities.


How we use drones

Crews use drones to safely and efficiently survey and inspect power lines.
Drones are used to take photos, video, laser scans, map images and more.
Drones help us keep employees out of harm’s way while keeping your electric service uninterrupted.
After storms, drones are used to quickly assess damage so we can restore power faster.

Advantages of using drones

In many cases, standard equipment like bucket trucks can be used to assess damage and inspect power lines. But when we need a better, bird’s eye view, drones are perfect for the task. They are safe, efficient and can go places that would be inaccessible by any other means.

Drones allow us to gather information very quickly, which is critically important during outages and after storms. And they are much more cost-efficient than using helicopters.

Why tampering with drones is a really bad idea

Intentionally damaging or tampering with a drone isn’t just reckless, it is also a crime—one that can carry a stiff punishment. If you see someone tampering with a drone, please report it to your local law enforcement.

Drone Photos

Questions? Send us an email

If you have any questions, feel free to email UAS@CooperativeEnergy.com.

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